Use These 7 Awesome Online Tools To Reduce Your Cooling Costs

Summer is a time of increasing heat and increasing cooling costs. We have already touched on ways to save on energy with green heating and coolingFinancing 300X275 300X275 1 options as well as how a two-stage air conditioner can be much more efficient than an old single-stage.

This time, we have put together a list of some helpful online resources you can use to save on air conditioning costs this summer.

So without further ado, here are seven awesome online tools to reduce your energy costs:

Home Advisor – After inputting some basic information including zip code and how you heat and cool your home, ENERGY STAR displays a list of energy-saving tips customized to your location and equipment. While this tool is not cooling specific, many of the recommendations do help improve your air conditioning system’s efficiency.

Save Energy @ Home Tool – This interactive tool lets you explore energy-saving tips by room. For example, clicking on the blue ENERGY STAR on the garage door gives you a recommendation to install a door sweep to help prevent costly air leaks. You can also view more detailed tips by clicking on each room and zooming in.

Programmable Thermostat Tutorial  – Also from ENERGY STAR, his online video gives you a brief overview on how a programmable thermostat can help reduce your cooling costs as well as some basic tips on programming it for maximum efficiency.

Energy Savers Downloadable E-book  – Energy Savers is a program run by the U.S. Department of Energy to help homeowners save money and help the environment by reducing their energy consumption. This PDF book is packed full of useful information that can be applied to reducing your cooling costs.

Air Conditioning Tips from Energy Savers  – Don’t feel like reading the whole downloadable PDF? This web page is an abbreviated form of the content about air conditioners. However, it does not contain the information about sealing air leaks, which is a major source of cooling system inefficiency.

Home Energy Efficiency Survey  – If you are a Southern California Edison customer, you can access their online survey here. By filling in your information, the survey will provide you with a detailed history of your energy use, how you stack up against others in the area and give you tips for reducing your cooling costs.

Home Energy Guide – This interactive website can walk you through several different ways to reduce your cooling costs, including shutting blinds and using fans. These low-cost tips yield big energy-saving results.

As a Yorba Linda air conditioning company, Service Champions is committed to keeping southern California homeowners cool all summer while also reducing their energy consumption.

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