Green Heating and Air Conditioning Options for Your Home

We believe in being good stewards of the earth and our resources. That’s why at Service Champions we are committed to helping you reduce your carbonGreen Money Saving Energy 1 300X279 300X279 1footprint and save money with our green air conditioning and heating options for your home. (And no, we are not talking about the color of your system.)

We have broken down several of our key energy-saving products below and listed them in order of least to most energy savings. All energy savings estimates come from the ENERGY STAR website.

Programmable Thermostat

Savings: 5-8% of your heating/cooling costs

You could save up to $180 a year on your annual heating and air conditioning costs by simply installing and using a programmable thermostat. With a very low initial cost, a programmable thermostat is a great green option that quickly pays for itself.

Air Duct Sealing & Insulating

Savings: up to 20% of your heating/cooling costs

We have found that many Southern California homes’ ducts are leaking air through holes, cracks and unsealed joints. This greatly affects your air conditioning and heating system’s efficiency. For more information on how duct sealing is a valuable green option for your home, check out a recent blog post we wrote on the subject.

High Efficiency Air Conditioners and Heaters

Savings: up to 30% of your heating/cooling costs

The most obvious green heating and air conditioning option for your home is newer, more energy efficient equipment. If your current system is 10-12 years old, you may save up to 30% on your energy costs by upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioner, furnace or heat pump. We have efficient systems of varying sizes to fit any Southern California home.

Heat Pumps

Savings: up to 45% of your heating/cooling costs

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than other separate home heating and cooling options. A heat pump is an air conditioner that can also work in reverse to heat your home. Because heat pumps provide air conditioning in the summer as well as heat in the winter, you get year-long energy savings.

Other Green Heating and Air Conditioning Factors

  • Air Filters – change them every 30-90 days for optimum system efficiency
  • Installation – the installation of your system will affect its efficiency, so choose a company you can trust to do it right.
  • Size – a cooling and heating system that is too small or too big will not be energy efficient. Make sure your unit is properly sized.
  • Home’s “shell”– For maximum efficiency, your home’s “shell” should be as air tight as possible.

According to ENERGY STAR, heating and cooling your home accounts for nearly 50% of your energy use. By using these products and services correctly, you can significantly cut your own energy consumption, helping preserve our planet for future generations while also saving yourself some money.

Service Champions’ NATE certified technicians provide heating, cooling and air quality services to Southern California homes.

For more specific ways you can go green with your heating and cooling system, contact us online.