The Ultimate Guide to Lowering Your Air Conditioning Bills: Part 3

Well, you made it, the final part of our guide to keep more money to yourself so you can buy yourself something nice. Here is our third installment of lowering your air conditioning bills.

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Part 1 focused on easy, simple tasks around your home to make your home more energy efficient.

Part 2 focused on your ductwork–one of the biggest factors affecting your energy bill.

Part 3 focuses on your air conditioner.

We’ll give you guidelines and resources on how to:

  • Take care of your A/C system
  • Know when to get it replaced
  • Find the perfect contractor to call to service your air conditioner

Finish strong and master the art of lowering your air conditioner bills by reading the final part of this guide.

Taking care of your air conditioner

Not taking care of your air conditioner not only raises your energy bills, but can also lead to a costly breakdown in the middle of the sweltering summer.

Don’t let that happen to you! Check out our blog on how to keep the air conditioning repairman away with tips on taking care of your air conditioner (so you can save money and avoid breakdowns.)

Knowing when to replace your air conditioner

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wait a second, this blog post is supposed to be lowering my energy bills, not spending money on a new system!”

And while you’re certainly right, your dying air conditioner itself may be the problem, and your high energy bills are merely a symptom of that problem.

Know for sure when you need to replace your air conditioner in this blog post: When to Replace: Interpreting Your Air Conditioner’s Signs.

Finding a good contractor

Here it is, the biggest factor affecting your energy efficiency: the contractor who works on your system.

Kind of scary, isn’t it? Your comfort and money are in the hands of someone else. A contractor affects many of the other factors mentioned here like your ducts and your system installation.

According to Energy Star, after a typical installation, your home won’t get 27% of the air from your air conditioner due to losses in your system!

The most important factor of all- find a good contractor to repair, maintain and install.

So how do you find a good contractor?

Here’s our guide on what you should know to find a good pro contractor.

If you’d like some guidelines from a trusted third party–aka someone who isn’t a contractor–use this how to choose a contractor guide from the American Council for Energy Efficiency Equality (ACEEE).

Mastering your summer energy bills

If you read this entire guide, then congrats! You’re now a master of lowering your air conditioning energy bills.

Go buy yourself something nice as a reward. You deserve it (and can afford it) if you applied all this knowledge.

But we love to keep teaching Southern California homeowners about saving money, so if you want to learn more, ask one of our experts or read our other blogs.