He Tunes-Up The A/C… And Then He Paints The Ceiling For Free

Service Champions technician Steven was in a Rowland Heights home for a tune-up. As he walked down a hall, his customer told him, “please, don’t look up.”

So, of course, he looked up.

“I keep hoping my husband will get that painted,” she told Steven.

The ceiling had some different shades of paint so it looked a little odd.

Then Steven totally surprised the customer. “I’ll tell you what. We do ‘Good Deeds For Free.’ Let me finish up your service and then if you have the paint, I’ll get it done for you.”

The customer couldn’t believe it. “Won’t that take you too long?”

“However long it takes, I’ll do it for you,” Steven said.

As Steven continued his tune-up on the air conditioning unit, he smiled as he overheard his customer excitedly talking to her husband.

“Hey, the air conditioner guy is here and he’s going to paint the ceiling for us!”

Next, she went to the garage and grabbed two gallons of paint.

True to his word, Steven got out his drop cloth and ladder after he finished the A/C tune-up. He painted the ceiling and finished up in about 30 minutes.

The customer was ecstatic. “Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!”

Steven said he likes doing Good Deeds For Free for customers because of how appreciative they are.

Way to go Steven… another excellent ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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