Password Puzzle… Solved!

Password Puzzle… Solved!

Service Champions technician Scott was doing what he always did after completing a tune-up: sitting with the homeowners and going over what was done. But something wasn’t quite right here.

The husband was distracted. He got up and went into his home office and came back out a few minutes later and told his wife, “I can’t figure it out!”

Scott, a little confused, asked if he could help with anything. The husband explained that he had been setting up a new computer in his office, but he couldn’t figure out the password he needed to transfer the information from his old computer to his new one.

It was driving him crazy!

Scott smiled. After all, who hasn’t created a password you later can’t remember!

“Maybe I could try and help you,” Scott said. “Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help solve a problem.”

The customer told him three different passwords he thought it might be, but nothing worked.

“Hmmm,” Scott said. “What if I combined two of them?” He typed it out, hit enter… and it worked!

The customer was happy AND impressed. “I’ve been sitting here for so long trying to figure this out, and you just came right along and you did it within like two minutes.”

You cracked the code, Scott! And another Good Deed For Free for a happy Service Champions’ customer!


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