This Technician Never “Tires” Of Finding Ways To Good Deeds

Service Champions technician Christian is especially alert to opportunities for Good Deeds For Free, and not just for our clients.

He was at a local gas station, filling up his tank when he saw a man driving into the parking lot strike a curb.

“He turned to soon,” Christian said. “I could tell it hit it hard and at the wrong angle – it was just smoked.”

Christian walked over to see what was going on and could hear the tire leaking air.

“I let him know that I thought his tire was leaking air, and showed him where,” Christian said.

He also explained to the man that since it was side wall that had been damaged, it was not something that was going to be repairable.

“Do you have a spare?” Christian asked. The man said he did, and Christian offered to put it on for him.

“He told me he would just call his roadside assistance, but I kind of sensed he wanted help, but was afraid to ask,” Christian said.

Christian explained that he might be waiting for up to 2 hours and that instead he could probably have him on his way in 20 minutes. When Christian explained Good Deeds For Free, that clinched it.

“He took my help,” Christian said. “It was pretty easy for me to do and he was very happy and thankful when it was done!”

Thanks for always have your ‘Good Deeds For Free’ radar on, Christian. You never tire of helping people!