Technicians Notice Water Buckets In Attic… And Then Fix The Leaking Roof

Service Champions technicians often find themselves in the attic as part of the work we do, and that’s exactly where our techs Omar and Michael were when they noticed some buckets in a Downey home.

“We were doing a furnace tune-up and I saw the homeowner had set up buckets to catch water,” Omar explained. “We went over and took a look and then went to the roof to see if we could figure out what was happening.”

Omar and Michael quickly saw a sizeable area where about 6 tiles were broken, which was the source of the leak. Omar also noticed some brand-new tiles stacked nearby.

“I’m not a roofer but I do know enough about it that I knew I could replace these tiles and stop the leak,” Omar said.

When our technicians offered to take care of it, the homeowners were appreciative. After about 30 minutes, when it was done, they were even happier.

“They were pretty ecstatic, actually,” Omar said. “I told him they had a real nice home and I was happy to help them maintain it.”

Omar and Michael, thanks for going the extra mile for another Good Deed For Free – that was a big help for your clients!