The Big Problem With HVAC Filters

What’s the big problem with HVAC filters? HVAC filters work exceptionally well. They are very good at doing their job, which is to remove airborne particles from airflow.

Because HVAC filters are so efficient, they wear just as quickly. When homeowners use old HVAC filters over an extended period of time, their central air systems experience issues.

So what do homeowners need to know about HVAC filters?

HVAC Filters Get Dirty

Whenever homeowners run the heating and cooling, HVAC filters jump into action. All indoor air cycles through the air ducts and HVAC filters before it is heated or cooled. HVAC filters effectively remove up to 50 percent of airborne particles and germs.

HVAC filters are so good at removing allergens and other solid particles that they get full quite quickly. Though the rate differs for every home, on average HVAC filters should be replaced every three to four months.

What will homeowners find inside their HVAC filters?

  • Pet dander, hair
  • Lint, dust, dust mites
  • Allergen particles
  • Gasses, vapors, odors
  • Organic waste
  • Bacteria, microbiological growth

It is important for homeowners to regularly change HVAC filters in order to maintain and protect indoor air quality. Otherwise, household members may experience bothersome health side effects, like allergies, asthma and lesser productivity.

In order to help HVAC filters work better and improve indoor air quality, homeowners are encouraged to also properly ventilate the home. On days with good weather, open windows and doors to refresh the batch of air inside the home.

HVAC Filters Affect Energy Efficiency

Did you know that HVAC filters also affect energy efficiency?

Here’s how heating and cooling works with HVAC filters:

  • The thermostat turns on for heating or cooling
  • The return ducts pull indoor air into the air ducts
  • Fans and motors within the air ducts push and pull air to the furnace
  • Airflow moves through HVAC filters
  • Cleaned air is then heated or cooled
  • Treated air is pushed back into the home

The problem here is that when HVAC filters get full or overused, a smaller amount of air makes it through to the other side.

Why is this a problem? On the other side of the HVAC filters, the furnace or air conditioner has fired up ready to heat or cool a measured amount of air. However, with such a small amount of air to heat or cool, the same amount of energy is spent on a smaller batch of air. As a result, homeowners end up spending the same amount of money for less heating and cooling.

What is the best way to maintain energy efficiency with HVAC filters? Homeowners should change HVAC filters on a regular basis. While the exact frequency differs for each home, as a rule of thumb, switch out HVAC filters every three to four months.

HVAC Filters Can Work Too Well

HVAC filters are designed to protect indoor air quality as well as the furnace itself. But what happens when homeowners do not replace HVAC filters? What happens when the central air system runs on old or overused HVAC filters?

Whatever particles make it past HVAC filters cycle through the furnace and back into the home. Unfortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for these particles to stick to parts of the furnace and air conditioner too.

Buildup may not seem like a serious concern. However, buildup is where all expensive repairs and permanent damages begin. In addition, buildup slows down system performance. Parts have to work harder and longer to deliver the same amount of heating and cooling.

All of those high costs that homeowners want to avoid start with bothersome buildup that makes it past dirty HVAC filters. This is another key reason why homeowners need to replace HVAC filters regularly.

Most HVAC filters cost between $10 and $30. However, repairs and replacements easily cost four times the cost of expensive HVAC filters. In addition, repairs spread and affect other areas of the central air system, which can in turn cause more repairs.

With buildup inside the furnace system, homeowners experience:

  • Lower indoor air quality
  • Poorer energy efficiency
  • Inconsistent heating and cooling
  • Decreased home comfort
  • Higher utility bills

Homeowners can effectively manage these issues just by exchanging HVAC filters.

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