Air Filter Replacement Information

Here is some information regarding air filter replacement. We spend 90 percent of our time indoors. Unfortunately, indoor air is dirtier than outdoor air. The average home air is five times dirtier than outdoor air. That may not sound too dirty to some people. However, the EPA reports indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.

When homeowners deal with poor indoor air quality, they immediately think of replacing their air filters. Air filter replacement is the right place to start.

Why is air filter replacement important? How often should homeowners commit to air filter replacement? Can homeowners accomplish air filter replacement themselves?

Air Filter Replacement Should Be Done At Least Four Times A Year

The average home should go through at least four air filter replacements a year. This calculates to about one air filter replacement every three months. However, there are several other factors homeowners should consider when determining the right number of air filter replacements for their own home.

With air filter replacement four times a year, homeowners have:

  • Better heating and air conditioning
  • Elevated indoor air quality
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • A longer lasting central air system

With regular air filter replacement, homeowners also have cleaner healthier air they trust everyday. Every time homeowners use the heating and air conditioning, airflow cycles through air filters. These air filters remove half of the particles floating around the home.

Though it does depend on the specific air filter used, air filters capture particles like:

  • Hair, dander, pollen
  • Allergens, dust, dust mites
  • Microbiological growth, mold
  • Harmful pollutants

By removing these particles, homeowners have noticeably cleaner and safer indoor air.

However, the danger comes when homeowners skip air filter replacements. When the heating and cooling system works on a full or old air filter, energy expenditure rises. Heating and air conditioning performance declines in quality. Air grows dirtier. Eventually, even the parts of the heating system start to fall apart leaving homeowners with expensive repairs and damages.

Fortunately, air filter replacement is rather simple and air filters are affordable for any homeowner.

Air Filter Replacement Saves Homeowners, Now and Later

Heating specialists encourage air filter replacements on a regular basis. Most homeowners dismiss this as another pesky task or expense. Unfortunately, these homeowners miss out on significant savings and advantages.

With regular air filter replacements, homeowners save 15 percent off their heating bill. They also avoid expensive repairs. How?

Because air filters remove solid particles from airflow, there is less material that clogs the furnace system. As a result, parts work without added stress, working more smoothly to deliver the air conditioning and heating homeowners want.

In addition, since the system is cleaner than those that do not receive air filter replacements, the furnace and air conditioner also last longer. This way, homeowners pay less per use.

Homeowners who practice regular air filter replacement have better indoor air quality, leading to better productivity and health. On the opposite end, severe indoor air pollution leads to serious symptoms and painful ailments. In fact, up to 30 percent of all respiratory diseases are prompted by severe indoor air pollution.

This includes:

  • Asthma, allergies and respiratory sensitivities that worsen over time
  • Nausea and head pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sinus congestion, sneezing and coughing
  • Irritations with the skin, nose and eyes
  • Dizziness, depression, fatigue and memory loss

Air filter replacement will not cure poor health, but it helps improve quality of life. For homeowners who need very clean and healthy indoor air, consult your HVAC expert for further guidance.

How To Complete Your Air Filter Replacement at Home

Most homeowners can complete air filter replacement at home by themselves. An air filter replacement can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

First, turn off the heating and air conditioning system.

Second, locate the furnace. There should be some sort of latch or cover around the furnace. The cover should lead to an air filter. Air filters are shaped like a large windowpane made of plastic or cardboard.

If your air filter is made of plastic, it is reusable. Be sure to thoroughly wash and dry this type of air filter before reinserting. Installing the air filter before completely dry leads to microbiological growth.

Cardboard air filters need to be replaced with a new one. The size and brand of the air filter should be detailed on the box. Double check that the new air filter meets the same description.

Lastly, insert the new air filter replacement. It should fit right into the cavity of the furnace. If there are any gaps or loose edges, it is the wrong air filter replacement.

HVAC specialists recommend homeowners to mark the side of the new air filter replacement with the date. This makes it simple to keep track of when to schedule the next air filter replacement.

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