The Answer to Common Furnace Problems

Furnace problems are common to every home. Because families use their heating and air conditioning system almost daily, these machines are sure to run into trouble. Fortunately, our skilled technicians deliver the solutions homeowners need to help with common furnace problems.

What is the answer to all these different furnace problems? It is very simple. Preventative maintenance is the best way to save yourself from common furnace problems.

Does Your Furnace Blow Dirty Air?

Unfortunately, dirty air is a common furnace problem. Buildup from particles and bacteria is common in all homes and heaters, and maintenance is the best way to remove any type of buildup.

Your HVAC technician uses precision tools designed to gently clean sensitive parts in hard-to-reach areas of your furnace. Particles and bacteria buildup over time and collect in your furnace.

This can include:

  • Microbiological growth around condensate lines, pans and the evaporator coils
  • Sticky buildup around gas valves, gas lines and the fire exchanger
  • Organic yard waste around the condenser unit, return duct and air ducts

In short, anything inside the furnace eventually makes its way into the house, affecting indoor air quality and system efficiency. A simple cleaning from your HVAC technician will help remedy this problem.

Is Your Utility Bill Too High?

If your utility bill is unusually high, furnace maintenance is a good place to start. High energy costs point to all sorts of trouble, but unless an HVAC technician is there to evaluate and run tests, there’s little else to be done.

Fortunately, high costs can be helped. A simple routine cleanup should already help with energy efficiency and system service quality. After cleaning the system, and HVAC technician will inspect the entire furnace.

Also, if your bills are high, it may be that the settings fit for your home have shifted, including:

  • Airflow
  • Heat expenditure
  • Pressure
  • Refrigerant
  • Gas

Your technician may find heater system damages that need repairs, such as:

  • Tears in the air ducts
  • Dead motors and fans
  • Problematic thermostats

With heater maintenance your service technician will discover the root of the problem.

My Furnace Doesn’t Heat Air

Another common furnace problem is cool air. If your furnace doesn’t distribute warm air, check these before calling your technician:

  • That the thermostat is set to the correct temperature
  • That vents are in the open position
  • That gas and electricity are both available

If these small fixes do not help the furnace heat air, there is a bigger issue stopping the process.

A furnace may not heat air because it cannot light or hold a flame. On the other hand, it may be that the pilot light works just fine, and that the problem is that the fans and motors do not work. In this case, air is heated but not pushed through the air duct system and into the home.

These issues are far more common than people may think, most of which is caused by buildup. In fact, up to 75 percent of all no-heat service calls result from lack of maintenance.

The Cure for All Heater System Problems Is Maintenance

Regular heating and air conditioning maintenance is vital in preventing and solving common HVAC issues. Unfortunately, many homeowners shy away from HVAC maintenance thinking it is too expensive, time-consuming or unnecessary. This is untrue.

It is only a matter of time before homeowners need hater system repairs. Each repair costs around $200 to $400. That is at least double the cost of heater maintenance.

With heater system maintenance, homeowners avoid 90 percent of repairs and damages. They have clean indoor air, reliable heating service and a heater system that lasts long.

Improve Your Heater System with Service Champions Experts

At Service Champions, we commit to high quality service that delivers results. Service Champions technicians are trained professionals who use the most advanced methods of care in order to service the heater system. This means homeowners can expect lasting changes that make a difference for the home.

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