Technician Cleans Up After Neighbor’s Contractor

Service Champions Technician Brett was walking up the driveway of a client’s home in Anaheim when he noticed a small problem.

Actually, it was MANY small problems in the form of tiny wood screws. They were spilled all over the homeowner’s driveway.

“I was there for a tune-up their HVAC system” Brett said. “The neighbor was doing home renovations and I noticed a contractor next door.”

Brett thinks they were trying to dispose of wood screws and somehow a bunch of them landed in his client’s driveway.

But Brett didn’t worry about what had happened or where they came from – he just wanted to solve the problem.

“I just started picking them up, I probably picked up something like 50,” Brett said. “They were scattered all around.”

Brett let the homeowners know what he did, and also let them know to be careful in case he missed a screw.

“I told them to obviously keep an eye out in case there was more because I didn’t want them to get a flat tire,” said Brett.

The clients were aware of Good Deeds For Free and were happy to see it in action. They thanked Brett for looking out for them.

Brett, way to leave your client’s home ‘cleaner than you found it’ with another Good Deed For Free!