Techs Go Out Of Their Way To Rescue Injured Dog And Return To Owner

Service Champions technician David is a dog owner himself and so he goes out of his way to watch out for man’s best friend.

Recently, he and his technician trainee Ryan were leaving a job and saw a dog running loose, with no owner around.

Here’s how David described what happened next:

“The dog was running loose and alone on the cul-de-sac towards Ryan and me. I slowly approached the dog to try not to scare him. I was worried because we were right next to a main street that had a lot of traffic. We didn’t want the little guy to run that way so we kept our distance and tried to call him.

A woman also showed up and tried to help. But the dog just took off, dashing toward the main street – exactly what we didn’t want. And I could see a truck coming and tried to flag him to stop but he ended up hitting the dog. You just freeze and you’re scared of what you’ll see next.

I was relieved when I saw the dog take off running again. But he was definitely limping a little in the hind legs. Between Ryan, myself, and the woman who was helping, we managed to finally get the dog back on the cul-de-sac and could grab him. I was worried he might bite, but he was calm. The dog had a tag with identifying information and it turned out the dog lived across from the home we had just serviced. We told the owner what happened and explained that the dog was injured.”

David said the owner was of course concerned about the dog, but also grateful that someone had returned the dog safely.

“The dog was injured, but it could have been a lot worse,” David said.

David and Ryan, thanks for paying attention and caring – that’s the true spirit of ‘Good Deeds For Free’!

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