This Heavy Problem Is Resolved With Another Good Deed For Free.

Service Champions technician John was in Pasadena, providing maintenance service to a long-term customer. She was trying to make progress with some gardening but ran into a “heavy” problem.

It had rained a bunch recently and she had a huge pot that had filled with water.

“I’m going to dump that out and plant something in there,” she told John. But John could see that the pot would be heavy for her to handle safely – he guessed it was somewhere around 100 pounds.

He didn’t want her to even try. It was likely she would hurt herself and damage the pot.

“Let me take care of it for you,” John said.

He dumped out the water, being cautious to not break the pot. Then he moved this enormous pot to the place the homeowner wanted it.

The customer, already a big fan of Service Champions and a CHAMPS-Reward Member, loved the extra help. She told John how thankful she was for the help.

John, way to step up and take on that Good Deed For Free!

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