Technician’s Timely Good Deed Gets This Clock Ticking Again

Service Champions technicians are pretty good a figuring stuff out. We hire positive problem solvers who jump in and get things done.

For example, a technician was recently at a home in La Habra performing a tune-up when the client mentioned that her beautiful old clock was not working.

“It’s more of a show clock than a functional clock, but it would still be nice to have it working,” she said. “There’s a lot of little gears, and a weight that works using the earth’s rotation to keep the clock working right.”

She went on to explain that it hadn’t been working for a long time because the weight has to be perfectly balanced for it to rotate.

It sounded a little confusing, but our technician was willing to give it a try. “I don’t know much about clocks, but I do watch the Discovery Channel which helps me think outside the box,” he said with a smile.

It turned out to be less complicated than it seemed originally. The technician discovered that one of the feet of the clock had come loose and it was simply off balance. “I got the one foot back on properly, then I just took a few minutes to balance all four feet and make it level.”

That did the trick! The clock was back in sync and the homeowner was thrilled.

There’s another Good Deed For Free – just in time!