Help With Piano Has These Neighbors Singing A Happy Tune

If you see a Service Champions technician and need help, just ask! If we can, we will.

Neighbors in Anaheim learned that recently when one of our technicians was happy to lend a hand with a heavy job.

“I was doing a tune-up when a couple from across the street approached me for some help,” our technician explained. “They were moving a piano out of their house and into a truck.”

Our technician became the 4th body to help push the piano up the ramp and onto the truck, and it was a good thing, too.

“It was heavy – we definitely needed all of us to get it done,” the technician said.

The neighbors even mentioned the ‘Good Deeds For Free’ slogan they’d seen as a reason for asking.

“Yes, that’s what we do!” our technician told them.

Thanks for another Good Deed For Free!