Technicians Go Up And Over 8 Foot Brick Wall To Help A Neighbor In Serious Distress

Service Champions technicians Josh & Taylor were working on a condenser in a backyard at a Santa Ana home when Josh walked to his truck to get a part he needed.

As he reached the truck, Josh heard a faint “help, help.”

He went back to Taylor and told him he thought he heard someone crying for help in the next yard over. They pulled themselves up to look over the 8 foot brick wall that ran between the yards.

There was a woman on the ground with a wheelchair toppled over her. It was pressing down on her stomach and she was having difficulty breathing.

“Josh just flew over the wall to get over to help her,” Taylor said. He and Josh were both able to get to her and help her back up into her wheelchair.

She was clearly rattled, but also SO thankful that Josh & Taylor heard her and leaped into action.

“She thanked us with tears in her eyes saying that we saved her life,” Taylor said.

She had been out doing some gardening, trimming her rosebushes when the accident happened. She was especially upset because she was all alone with nobody to help her, and it made her scared about whether assistance would ever come.

It was just good fortune that Josh and Taylor were outside next door and heard her within 10 minutes of her fall.

The woman was able to get in touch with her caregiver and said she was okay. “I’ll be okay now, you can go ahead,” and she thanked them again.

Josh and Taylor, you acted like Superheroes with that Good Deed. Way to take quick action!

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