A Little WD-40 Helps Get This Sliding Door Back On Track

Service Champions technician Joe was at a Santa Fe Springs home visiting a first-time customer.

Her A/C was blowing hot air and Joe went in and out of the house several times as he worked on the problem.

As it turned out, it was a capacitor that needed to be changed out, but Joe also diagnosed another issue: the sliding screen door he was using to go in and out of the house kept getting stuck and falling off the tracks.

He mentioned it to the customer.

“Yes, that’s been like that for some time,” she said. It seems that after a new track had been put in for the screen door, it never really worked right.

“We’ve tried to fix it ourselves, but nothing has helped,” she said.

Would she mind if Joe had a look at it?

Three minutes later, Joe had the wheels better aligned with the track and had added a little WD-40 to keep it running smooth.

He showed the homeowner how it slid easily on the track now. She was thankful… but more than that she was shocked!

“How can you do that so fast?” she asked.

There wasn’t much to it for Joe. Once he got down and saw the misaligned wheels, he knew just what to do.

Joe, great job not ignoring the problem! You’ve accomplished yet another ‘Good Deed For Free’!

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