Technicians Fix Beautiful Clock Using Nothing But A Flashlight

Service Champions technicians Alfredo and Frank were in A Riverside home when they noticed a tall standing clock that wasn’t operating.

“Oh, wow, what a nice clock,” Alfredo said.

“Yes, it is nice, but it hasn’t worked for quite a while,” the homeowner said. “The arm that swings is disconnected and I’m not sure how it happened or how to repair it.”

“We could take a quick look at it,” Frank said. “We do Good Deeds For Free and maybe we can figure it out.”

After a brief inspection at the inside of the clock using a flashlight, the technicians realized they could get the clock working without any tools.

“We realized we just needed to hook the two arms that had been disconnected back to where they used to be attached,” Alfredo said. “With the arms re-attached, the clock goes right back to working normally.”

The client was absolutely thrilled that a clock that had been stopped for so long was up and running again so quickly.

Alfredo and Frank, that was a very timely Good Deed For Free!