Homeowner Likes The Sound Of This Good Deed For Free

Service Champions technician Andy had just finished up a tune-up at a Riverside home when he noticed a new box next to the TV.

“Wow, you got a new soundbar,” Andy said. “Those are nice to have!” A soundbar is an attachment to the television that creates a better audio experience.

“Yes, it was on sale,” the homeowner said. And then jokingly added, “I got it so you could install it for me.”

The homeowner may have been joking, but when it comes to Good Deeds For Free, Andy is serious about helping his clients.

“You know what? I am going to install that for you!” Andy said.

He got to work and in about 10 minutes had it installed, with the wires hidden and all ready to go.

The client was super appreciative and said it would’ve taken a lot longer had he tried to do it himself.

Andy, we like the sound of that Good Deed For Free – keep up the great work!