Technician’s Balloon Rescue Earns Him Hero Status With Four-Year-Old Girl

Service Champions technician Mike went to a home in Ladera Ranch to inspect some ductwork, but he ended up performing a rescue he never expected.

The homeowners weren’t there but their 4-year-old daughter and nanny were home. As Mike was walking through the house, he noticed that the little girl staring up at the vaulted ceiling.

Way up at the top of the ceiling was a purple balloon that said ‘Happy Birthday’.

“Is that your balloon?” Mike asked.

“Yes,” the little girl said.

Mike went back out to his truck and grabbed his extension ladder and set it up so he could go rescue a balloon.

“Yes, I risked my life to save a balloon,” Mike joked. But when he got it down, he found it was worth the risk.

“She gave me a big hug,” Mike said. “It was cute.”

The nanny said the Mylar balloon had been up there for months and she had been begging someone to get it down for her.

Mike, you really reached new heights with that Good Deed For Free – thanks for going the extra step on that one!