Technician Turns Lemons Into A Sweet Good Deed

Service Champions technician Jeffrey was in the backyard of an Ontario home and noticed a lemon tree. In fact, the tree was so huge you HAD to notice it!

The other thing that caught Jeffrey’s eye was rotting lemons on the ground. There was a ton of them and they were all over the backyard!

Jeffrey decided he could “squeeze” a Good Deed out of this situation. While his fellow technician continued the servicing, Jeffrey got a garbage can, put on some gloves, and started picking up the spoiled lemons.

It took a good while to complete, and Jeffery filled up the can by the time he was done. But the yard was now clear of all those old lemons.

The customer came out and was very surprised and pleased to have the yard cleaned up.
“He was blown away,” Jeffrey said.

The last thing the homeowner expected was for his service technician to clean up his lemons for him, but Jeffrey explained that Good Deeds For Free is part of the Service Champions culture.

Jeffrey, a lot of guys would have gone sour at the thought of cleaning up all those lemons, but you squeezed a Good Deed out of it! Way to go!