Why is Your Air Condition Not Working for You?

The air conditioning and heating system is such a versatile piece of our home. Unfortunately, many homeowners have the air condition not working for them and don’t even know it.

Though the central air may heat and cool air, there are many other ways it can and should be serving you and your home.

Air Condition Not Working to Clean Air

Part of the central air system is built to clean the air inside your home. Every furnace comes with an air filter in place. The air filter should be changed regularly as it collects particles that float throughout the home. If you are not practicing air filter hygiene, you and your home are missing out on a huge and easy benefit.

Air filters come in different strengths. Depending on the specific needs of your home lifestyle, you can find the air filter fit for you.

Beware of air filters that have a MERV rating that is too high, usually above 16. It can actually work against your interests, using more energy than necessary to clean the air in your home.

Most air filters can remove dust particles, dust mites, mold spores and other bacteria. The only thing you have to do to help it along is to replace it regularly.

Simply changing out the filter can help your central air system last longer by keeping it as clean as possible, saving repair costs and energy.

Is your air condition still not working to your expectations? You can achieve supremely clean air through additional super filters, available through your HVAC specialist.

Air Condition Not Working to Cool Air

Is your air condition not working to cool air?  There can be a couple of reasons why.

Your central air may have a refrigerant leak. This is uncommon. However, if you do suspect a refrigerant leak, contact your HVAC specialist immediately for help.

More commonly, there may be too many heat sources inside the home undoing the work of air conditioning. Crevices and holes in the house are pathways for outdoor heat to enter. This includes leaks in the air ducts.

You can assist your air conditioner by reducing the amount of heat inside your home.

  • Avoid using large appliances during the central air run times.
  • Keep doors and windows closed or covered.
  • Keep indoor temperature moderate while empty.

These are all methods you can use on an everyday basis to relieve your central air of unneeded stress.

Fix It with Service Champions

If you find your air condition not working, Service Champions is available as your HVAC specialist. We lead in AC and furnace repairs, installations and superior air care services.

With expert technical care and genuine customer service, we are confident that we will reach your satisfaction. No matter what issues you are experiencing, we are your number one source for total HVAC service.

To speak with a technician or schedule an appointment, call one of our helpful representatives in our call center.

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