Technician Sees Woman With Walker Stuck In Downpour, Gives Her Ride Home

Service Champions technician Dan was in his service vehicle in Mission Viejo when it began to sprinkle.

“I saw a woman out with her walker at the bottom of a hill,” Dan said. “She was trying to climb the hill, use the walker, and hold an umbrella, all at the same time.”

Then, to make things worse, it started to rain harder. Dan pulled up and said, “let’s get you home.”

She smiled. “Yeah, please, I’d love some help.”

Dan helped her into the vehicle and drove he more than 10 blocks to her home. She explained on the way that she is cooped up inside a lot and likes to get out for a walk now and then. But this time, the storm caught her by surprise.

When they got back home, Dan took her walker up to the house and then went back with the umbrella to help her into the house.

“We had to work a little bit to get her down from the vehicle, and I wanted to keep the umbrella above her because the rain was coming down pretty good.”

Once Dan had her in the home and out of the storm, she expressed how appreciative she was for his kindness. “You got wet keeping me dry!”

“No problem – happy to help you out,” Dan said. “I’m glad you got home safely.”

Dan, that’s a wonderful Good Deed For Free!