Technician Returns On Daughter’s Birthday With A Frozen Surprise

Service Champions technician Eric was on a call in Huntington Beach, where he had explained to the homeowners what new equipment he was recommending for their home.

They decided they wanted to think it over, but while Eric was there explaining, he made a friend.

“Their little daughter seemed to like talking with me,” Eric said. “Her mother was surprised because she said she usually doesn’t talk too much to people she just met. But I could talk about the movie Frozen and she liked that.”

Fast forward a few days later, and the homeowners called Eric and told him they wanted the recommended equipment installed. Eric also learned on the phone that, as it happened, he would be returning on the daughter’s birthday.

So Eric decided to stop at the toy store and get a Frozen toy. “The doll was just Elsa’s head and shoulders. It came with all these hair braids, and this, that, and the other. It was for a three-year-old so that she could do her hair.”

When Eric showed up, the parents were surprised by his thoughtfulness in bringing a gift.

The girl was happy, too – she had lots of Frozen toys but not this one.

Eric, way to make a happy birthday even happier with another Good Deed For Free!