Technician Saves His Client From A Car Registration Headache

Service Champions technician David was at a Westminster home when the frustrated homeowner told him, “Will you look at this?”

The client showed David his car registration sticker which he had tried to peel off, but instead he had torn off the whole thing, paper and all, and thought he had damaged it.

“Now I got to get on the phone and figure out how to get a new one,” he told David.

“Hold on a second before you do that,” David said. “Do you mind if I take a look at it?”

David gave it a close inspection and decided the sticker itself was not damaged.

“I was able to peel it from the torn piece and the sticker was fine,” David said.

The homeowner was thrilled it wasn’t actually damaged and thanked David.

David topped it all off by taking care of putting it on the license plate for his client.Great work David with another Good Deed For Free!