Technician Rescues Lamp From The Curb To The Delight Of This Homeowner

Service Champions technician Erland was enjoying his conversation with the Rowland Heights homeowner as he worked through a tune-up.

“He was just a really nice guy and he and I talked as he stayed with me during the tune-up,” Erland said.

As Erland finished up and was packing up his tools, he asked about the brown desk lamp sitting at the curb when he arrived.

“Oh, that,” the homeowner said. “I’m throwing it away because I couldn’t remove the old light bulb to get a new one in.”

“Well, I’ve never heard of a disposable lamp,” Erland joked. “Do you mind if I take a look at it?”

The homeowner said yes and told Erland he was welcome to take it if he wanted, but Erland had other ideas. He had a suspicion that there might be a relatively simple solution to this stuck light bulb.

Sure enough, when Erland took a close look, he noticed a small set screw that held the light bulb in place. It wasn’t something that was obvious when you first look at the lamp.

“See this screw here,” he said to the homeowner. “When you loosen it, you can easily change the light bulb and then just tighten it again after a new bulb is installed.”

Erland then showed him the model number and where to go to get replacement bulbs.

“Wow, thanks so much!” the homeowner said. He happily brought the lamp back inside to his desk.

Erland, way to brighten your client’s day with another Good Deed For Free!