Doing Good Deeds Becomes Second Nature For Our Technicians

The habit of Good Deeds For Free is so ingrained into Service Champions technicians that doing them becomes second nature.

They often do a lot of little things like rolling in a trash can or grabbing a newspaper off the driveway and bringing it directly to the client.

Our technician Michael has one he likes to do any chance he gets – hand deliver packages to his clients.

“I try to make it a habit to always pick up any packages as I come to the door so I can hand them to the homeowner directly,” Michael said. “Or if one arrives in the middle of one of my service calls and I see it, I pick it up and take it right to the homeowner.”

“It doesn’t take a lot of time, and it’s not a big deal, but people like when I do it,” Michael said. “They’ve been waiting for something and they are happy to see it.”

Michael says he also likes to do it because it’s more secure when a homeowner gets the package as soon as possible.

“With so many things being ordered online, sometimes thieves will grab boxes off porches,” Michael said. “I’d rather get it to the homeowner right away.”

Michael, keep up your friendly and courteous habits – they add up to a lot of Good Deeds For Free!