Technician Replaces Broken Roof Tiles To Help Out This Homeowner

Service Champions technician Steven was on a roof in Cypress checking on a roof top HVAC unit when he noticed some broken roof tiles.

“The homeowner had solar panels installed,” Steven said. “It looked to me like some tiles were broken when they were installed.”

Steven wanted to make sure the homeowner knew about the issue.

The homeowner thanked Steven for letting her know and said, “”Oh, I have extra tiles down here at the corner of the house,”

Steven looked at the tiles and the tar and realized he had everything he needed to replace the tiles. “I decided to just go ahead and fix the problem.”

Steven replaced two broken tiles and patched another that was cracked.

The homeowner was very happy that Steven fixed the roof before it became a bigger problem.Steven, way to step in and proactively solve that problem – that’s another Good Deed For Free!