Technician Pumps Out Murky Pool Water For Stressed Client

On a service call in Norwalk, one of our technicians was talking to a homeowner who was feeling stressed out.

She had recently lost her husband and was trying to adjust to doing some of the home maintenance tasks he used to handle.

“She had a pool that had been drained for the winter,” the technician said. “But It had accumulated about 2 feet of murky water during the rainy season and she was worried about it.”

Apparently, neighbors had complained it could cause mosquitos and so she really needed to get rid of that water. She had a pump that could drain it out, but wasn’t sure how to it worked.

“When I heard she had a pump, I knew I had everything I would need to help her out,” the technician said.

He quickly got to work getting the pump into the water and turned on to clear it out.

“It didn’t take long for me to drain the water – only about 15 minutes,” the technician said. “But for her it was a big deal. She was happy and relieved that I took care of it.”

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