Technician’s Good Deed Takes Care Of Fence Problem

Recently at a Rowland Heights home, a Service Champions technician eased the mind of the homeowner with a saw and a little manual labor.

“I finished up the service call and I asked if there was anything around the house that I could do for her,” our technician said. “She said no at first, but then she started talking a little bit and I found something I could do for her.”

It seemed there was a wooden fence out back that was rotted and was leaning against her neighbor’s fence.

“The neighbor complained and I feel bad it’s still there,” she said. She had even gone to the trouble of purchasing a Skilsaw and was going to ask her gardener to use it to break down the fence.

Our technician took a look at the situation. He had some experience with wood – his dad was a carpenter – and he saw that he could take care of this for her without too much trouble.

In about 20 minutes, he had the fence removed, cut up into disposable pieces, and ready for trash removal.

“She was so happy,” our technician said. “She’s a very sweet lady and this just lifted this problem from her mind.”There’s another Good Deed For Free for one of our wonderful clients!