Sprinkler Is Shooting Up A Small Geyser & Our Technician Jumps In To Fix it

One of our friendly Service Champions technicians had just finished up his AC tune-up at a Newport Beach home when he noticed some water spurting up in his client’s yard.

“I found out later the gardener had just been there using a weedwhacker,” our technician said. “He must have hit one of the sprinkler heads and soon after the timer to turn on the sprinklers kicked on.”

Our technician would figure all that out afterward. For now, he saw a small geyser of water shooting up into the air and knew he needed to take action to solve the problem immediately.

“I located the sprinkler timer and shut it down,” our technician said. “I alerted the homeowners and then was able to isolate the broken fitting and help them get that fixed.”

The homeowners were none too happy with the situation, but they were appreciative of the quick action of the Service Champions technician stepping in to stop the water from spurting up into the air.

That’s another quick-thinking Good Deed For Free!