Technician Makes The Right Call And Saves A Life

Our technician Patrick was with his manager Steven and a homeowner in Ontario, CA and they were all outside discussing his condenser unit.

Suddenly the client fell down and he didn’t look good at all. Patrick and Steven weren’t completely sure what was going on, but made the decision to call 9-1-1.

The homeowner wasn’t real happy with that decision at first, but later found out it was likely a life-saving decision.

“He asked us, ‘why did you call 9-1-1?’” Patrick said. “I explained that it looked like a real scare to us.”

When the ambulance arrived, the EMTs checked him out and said he had enough worrisome signs that they thought he should go to the hospital for further evaluation.

Patrick later learned that the homeowner had three clogged arteries he didn’t know about and had to get a pacemaker.

“He called me up and was very thankful and told me “I’m glad to be talking to you again – who knows what would’ve happened if you weren’t here,” Patrick said.

This story ended even happier when the client gifted Patrick a prized collector plate of Elvis that they had discussed during a previous service call. Patrick said it wasn’t necessary, but the client insisted.

“This is my gift to you for saving my life,” the homeowner told Patrick.

Patrick, great job – you made the right call – that’s a life-saving Good Deed For Free!