Technician “Leaves” The Place Cleaner Than He Found It!

Goose Creek Golf Course Photo

At Service Champions, we pride ourselves on cleaning up after doing work at your home and leaving our work area cleaner than we found it.

Our technician Ivan took that a step further recently when he was on a service call in Laguna Beach and cleaned up a patio.

“I was outside vacuuming the condenser and noticed the patio was covered with leaves,” Ivan said. “It was a beautiful patio overlooking a great view and I wanted to clean it up for them.”

Ivan noticed a broom nearby that they must’ve normally used to sweep the patio, but Ivan thought his shop-vac would do an even better job. He quickly had the patio looking great.

“This client was older and in a wheelchair, so she had a caretaker,” Ivan said. “The caretaker saw what I did and was very appreciative.”

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much – that was unexpected,” the caretaker said. “I knew I was going to have to come out here and do it later on, you saved me the trouble.”

Ivan, way to “leave” everything cleaner than you found it with another Good Deed For Free!