Technician Makes Christmas A Little Merrier By Setting Up 10 Foot Tree

Service Champions technician Leandro was at a Corona home performing a tune-up and the subject of Christmas trees came up with the homeowner. She mentioned she had a very tall artificial tree stored in the garage that she hadn’t put up yet.

Leandro offered to not only get it out of the garage, but also set it up for her.

The homeowner was thrilled with this offer and Leandro headed to the garage to find the tree.

“The tree was big enough that it came in four pieces,” Leandro said. “I had to move a few things to get them out of the garage and then I brought them in the living room.”

The homeowner had the perfect sized ladder to put together the Christmas tree and Leandro got to work. “I set it right up in the middle of the living room – it looked good there. It ended up being 10 foot tall once I had it together.”

Leandro offered to help decorate it but the client told him he had already done enough.

“You’ve done your Good Deed For Free!” she said. “I’ll take some time later to decorate it.”

“She was real happy to have this done sooner than expected – she liked that she was ready for Christmas,” Leandro said later. “It felt nice to be able to help her out.”

Leandro, thanks for making your client’s Christmas a little merrier with another Good Deed For Free!