Quick-Acting Technicians Put Out Roadside Fire

Service Champions technicians Bryan and Robert were traveling through Yorba Linda on their way to a service call when traffic began to slow.

Looking ahead, they saw why: a fire had started in the median. They could see that others were trying to dowse the fiery debris but it wasn’t working.

Bryan and Robert pulled over and sprung into action. They grabbed red cones and an extinguisher from their Service Champions truck. One set up cones to divert traffic, while the other ran with the extinguisher to spray down the fire.

It took some time, but they managed to put it out. The crowd that had gathered was very relieved and gave them hearty thanks. And when the firemen arrived, they said it could’ve turned into something much worse if it weren’t for their actions.

Bryan and Robert, thanks for your quick thinking and fast response – that’s a memorable Good Deed For Free!