Technician Lugs Logs For Homeowner With Bad Shoulder

Service Champions technician David arrived at his service call and saw the homeowner moving logs to the curb. He seemed to be struggling a good bit.

David quickly stepped up and asked if he could help.

The wife was also nearby and quickly interjected, “That’d be great, he’s hurt.”

The husband was a little more reluctant, but he said, “Yeah, that would be a help. I have a shoulder injury and it gets hard for me to move things around.”

“No problem!” David said. “I can take care of this for you.”

In a few minutes, David had all the logs moved to the curb. A lot of people would leave it at that, but David wanted to see if there was anything else he could help move.

They had some heavy bags they used in lawn care sitting on their garage floor. They just needed to be moved to the other side of the garage and stored on the shelf. Again, no problem!

The homeowners were happy to have the assistance and thanked David.

David explained that ‘Good Deeds For Free’ were all part of what he was there to do.

David, way to step up and deliver a ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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