Technician Helps Woman With Overloaded Orange Tree

Service Champions technician Alex was in the backyard of a Hacienda Heights home checking the water heater when he struck up a conversation with the homeowner about all her trees.

She had lemon trees, and almond tree, and an orange tree. She mentioned the last one was dropping oranges in and around her pool, and it gave Alex an idea for a Good Deed.

“I can help you with that orange tree,” Alex said, and then he spent about 30 minutes picking oranges off the tree.

It relieved the weight on the tree so it would stop dropping oranges in the pool.

But Alex wasn’t done – he also got out the pool scooper and cleaned out the oranges that had fallen in the pool.

The homeowner was very appreciative and ecstatic that Alex had taken care of this problem.

Together, Alex and the client picked out the good edible oranges and put them into bags so she could give them to her family and friends as gifts. And she gave Alex a bag as a thank you for his help.

That’s another outstanding Good Deed for Free – thanks Alex!