Technician’s Good Deed Gives A Bounce To Homeowner’s Mood

Service Champions technician Michael went on a service call in West Covina and when he arrived, he found out a stressed-out homeowner.

Her insurance company was threatening to raise her rates if she didn’t remove the trampoline in her backyard, but she couldn’t get it apart so she could get rid of it.

Michael volunteered to help, although he wasn’t sure what would work when he saw the springs rusted to the frame.

But instead of overthinking it, he decided to “just muscle through it.” With some grunting and straining, he got the first few springs off, and then the rest came easier.

Once everything was apart, the client snapped a photo of the disassembled trampoline for her insurance company – problem solved!

The homeowner was relieved and grateful for Michael’s help.

Michael, that Good Deed For Free put a big bounce in your client’s day. Thanks for all you do!