Technician Handles Bumper Repair & Even Buffs Out The Scratches

Service Champions technician Luke was at a Whittier home for a service call when he noticed a problem with the Toyota Camry parked in the driveway.

The left side of the front bumper was hanging low, and Luke could see that it was not securely attached all the way around. He also noticed a dent and some surrounding scratches. Being that he is pretty handy with cars, it gave Luke an idea for a Good Deed For Free.

“Hey, can I work on your car?” Luke asked the homeowner. The homeowner was confused at first – why would Luke do that?

“I noticed your bumper isn’t secure, and we like to help homeowners with Good Deeds when we see something we can fix,” Luke explained.

With the homeowner’s grateful permission, Luke got down to work. First, he slid underneath the front of the car and popped the dent out. Next, he snapped the bumper back into place by aligning the clips on each side and pushing it into place.

Many people would have been satisfied with that, but Luke went the extra mile. He went to his truck and got a rag and wax. He tried to buff the scratch marks out, but they turned out to be a little tougher to remove than anticipated.

“I kept going,” Luke said. “I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and buffed and used a lot of elbow grease. It ended up pretty well buffed out and I was able to get most of the scratches off.”

Luke was rewarded for his 40 minutes of work with a very thrilled homeowner. He was very excited to have that bumper fixed.

Luke said he loves doing all kinds of Good Deeds For Free, but he admitted he especially likes working on cars.

“I’m a car guy – I love cars. They’re fun to work on,” Luke said. “This one was as much about the challenge as the Good Deed!”

Thanks for going the extra mile on that Good Deed For Free, Luke!