Puppy Gets Back Home Safe And Sound Thanks To This Good Deed

Our technician Dean was in his Service Champions van driving down a residential street in Yorba Linda when a golden retriever puppy dashed in front of him. Dean stopped, got out, and grabbed the little guy by the collar to see if he could get him home.

Luckily, the collar had the dog’s name and a contact number. But when Dean called, at first the dog’s owner didn’t believe him.

“My dog’s inside,” she told him.

“No, I’m pretty sure he’s right here,” Dean said with a smile. “His name is Lance and I called your number from the collar.”

“Oh, my goodness,” she said. “I had some people doing some remodeling work that I let in – he must have got out then!”

When Dean told her where he was, she said she would be right there.

“Thank you so much for stopping and calling,” she said when she got there. She pointed at the van “I’m definitely calling for a tune-up!”

Dean said that Good Deeds For Free are for anyone who needs assistance, not just clients, but of course we’d be happy to help with a tune-up, too!

Dean, you could have just honked and gone about your way, but thanks for caring and getting Lance home safe with another Good Deed For Free!