Technician Fixes Door Stopper & Earns Cookies & Muffins

Service Champions technician Carlo was entering a home in Walnut, ready to do a tune-up. But as he went through the front door, he noticed right away that the door stopper was falling off. It looked like the door could do some damage to the wall if it weren’t taken care of.

“I bent down to see what was going on,” Carlo said. “I asked the homeowner if I could fix it for her and she said she had a handyman that she could call to fix it.”

Carlo said that he would be going in and out a few times during the tune-up, so he didn’t mind taking care of it and saving her the trouble of calling the handyman.

The homeowner gave Carlo the go-ahead and he dived right in. In a few minutes, he had the door stopped re-mounted and attached properly.

“She was happy and it felt good to do a Good Deed,” Carlo said. “I just really like interacting with people and doing Good Deeds always makes me feel great.”

Carlo got a little more than just a good feeling though – the client was so appreciative she loaded Carlo up with some delicious cookies and muffins for his trouble.

Carlo, thanks for another Good Deed For Free and all you do for your clients!