Dirty Solar Panels Get A Thorough Cleaning Thanks To Our Technician

Service Champions technician Michael was at a Riverside home and he noticed the solar panels on the roof were dirty.

He asked the homeowners if the solar panels had been working well lately. “Have you guys noticed your solar panels losing efficiency by any chance?” Michael asked.

They had noticed they were not working as well.

Michael told them he could clean the solar panels for them – it could as much as double their efficiency.

“That would be wonderful,” the client said. “We had been getting them cleaned but it has been a while since we’ve had it done.”

Michael got a hose up on the roof and got to work cleaning, scrubbing, and rinsing the panels.

The homeowners were grateful, especially because they knew it would save them some money off their energy bills.

“I was happy to do it for them,” Michael said.

Michael, thanks for keeping your eye out for ways to help your clients – that’s a super Good Deed For Free!