Technician Fixes Dangling Alarm, And Adds Fresh Batteries, Too!

Service Champions technician Steven makes a point of keeping his eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary when he’s on a service call… you never know what could lead to a Good Deed!

In particular, Steven looks for potential safety hazards. So when he was doing an attic inspection during a service call at a Placentia home and saw a fire alarm dangling from the ceiling, he decided to ask the customer about it.

“Oh, I know we need to fix that. I don’t have batteries for that,” the customer told him. Steven knew from talking to the customer that her husband had a job that kept him very busy. Steven also knew how easy it was for things like this to get put on the back burner.

He could solve this for the homeowners quickly and he decided to spring into action.

“I can take care of this for you,” he told his customer. He had the right kind of batteries in his truck and he went to get them.

It was pretty simple once he had the batteries. He set up his ladder, installed the fresh batteries and mounted the alarm. All fixed and in working order!

The customer was grateful for the batteries and the properly installed alarm. “I don’t even know how long it’s been like that but I’m glad it’s done!”

Steven, thanks for keeping alert to ways to keep your customers’ homes safer and for doing another ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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