Quick Fix Gets Banging Shutter Under Control

As Service Champions technician Jason worked on a unit on the outside of a Santa Ana home, he kept hearing “bang… bang… bang.”

He peeked his head around the corner and saw his customer wrestling with a shutter next to his back sliding door.

Jason walked over and asked if he needed any assistance. The homeowner was frustrated. The latch hook wasn’t lining up with the latch on the wall. He had the shutters installed about a year ago and thought the installers might not have done it right.

“Actually it could be that the house has settled some,” Jason told him. “That can throw it off.”

But Jason also told him he could fix it for him.

With the homeowner’s approval, Jason got out his power drill and made a quick two-minute adjustment that got the latches lined up and working perfectly.

“He was extremely happy after I got it all fixed for him and really appreciated my work.”

As Jason adjusted the latches, the customer asked about the Good Deeds slogan on the Service Champions service vehicle.

“I see you guys have it on your van ‘Good Deeds For Free.’ Is that was this is?” the homeowner asked.

“Yes, we like to take time to help our clients out with any little thing that we can,” Jason said. “When we see things like this where someone has a need, we offer assistance.”

Thanks for the quick fix, Jason! Love those Good Deeds For Free!

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