Our Technician Finds Treasured Family Train Set

Service Champions technician David has a standard question he asks all homeowners when he visits attics.

“Obviously with the types of service we provide, we end up in attics a lot,” David said. “Whenever I see boxes, I always ask if there’s something they need brought down because I know getting up there can be a pain for homeowners.”

So, when David was on a recent service call and noticed some boxes with decorations of all sorts, he asked the client if she needed anything to come down.

The homeowner was confused at first. “Decorations? I haven’t been up there in a while… I’m not sure.”

David called down, “Well, it’s not just decorations. This one box has a train set.” David said it looked like a great antique set, probably about 50 or 60 years old.

“Oh my gosh!” the homeowner said. “My daughter was just asking me if that was still around – she wanted it for her son.”

David brought it down along with other decorations. The homeowner was thrilled to see many things she’d forgotten. It brought a lot of good memories.

“I think my husband bought this train when our first child was born,” she said. “It’s making me cry a little bit just remembering it.”

As it happened, David had a follow-up service to perform a month later at the same home.

“How is the train set doing?” David asked her.

“Oh, my grandson loves it,” she said. “My daughter was so excited you found it – in fact, she started tearing up as well. It was a big, happy moment for us.”

Great job, David. You never know when a simple question like, “can I bring any of these boxes down for you” can lead to something wonderful. That’s part of the fun of Good Deeds For Free!