Technician Quietly Fixes Latch, No Recognition Required

Service Champions technician Frank was at a home in Diamond Bar and noticed a horse gate on the property that wouldn’t latch.
“This horse gate is a metal, 2” tubular fence and was built specifically so horses can get through it,” Frank explained. “It must have got opened and closed a lot and slammed shut. With all that use, the screws had broken off.”

Frank’s a handy guy, and not just with HVAC. He knew it could be a quick repair.

“We have self-tapping screws, so it was super easy for me to fix,” Frank said. “The latch was working just fine in a few minutes.”

When Frank was asked for the homeowner’s reaction, he explained that he doesn’t always toot his own horn. “I don’t typically make a big deal about the Good Deeds that I do.”

Frank, thanks for quietly going about your business, doing the little extras to help your clients without looking for fanfare. Keep those Good Deeds For Free coming!