Technician Finds Purse And Then Hand Delivers It

Service Champions technician Miguel was on his lunch break in Santa Ana and noticed something odd and out of place. There was a purse sitting on a restaurant seat and no one near it.

As Miguel looked around, he only saw 5 other men in the restaurant. He thought maybe someone had gone to the ladies’ room and accidently left it, so Miguel waited a few more minutes to see if anyone would return for it.

No one did, so he went over and picked up the purse and found an ID inside with an address in Irvine. A lot of people would have turned it into the restaurant at that point, but Miguel decided to go the extra mile and personally deliver it to the owner.

Miguel arrived at the home and was greeted by a confused husband who wondered who was asking for his wife!

Once Miguel explained, the man was extremely grateful and surprised that he had taken the time to hand-deliver the purse.

Miguel, that’s a super job of going above and beyond for another Good Deed For Free!