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Understanding the Most Popular HVAC Repairs in Buena Park

What exactly happens inside the furnace when it needs a repair?

  • Overheated furnace

While it may sound funny, the furnace can overheat. When it does, the system often shuts down and homeowners lose access to heating and air conditioning. This happens to prevent accidents that may occur from an overheated furnace.

A furnace overheats because it accumulates too much heat. Typically, when there is not enough airflow to absorb heat from the furnace, the furnace itself grows too hot. In other cases, buildup festers inside and cooks with the heat.

An overheated furnace requires HVAC repairs in Buena Park to restore service.

  • Non-operative thermostats

Thermostats experience problems just like any other part of the central air system. They also require the same amount of attention and technical care. Homeowners can suspect HVAC repairs for thermostats if the thermostat:

  • Screen blinks
  • Screen is blank
  • Buttons do not work
  • Fails to communicate or control the central air

Why would a thermostat need repairs? Sometimes pieces shift around or dust contaminates the control board. Physical movements disable certain settings as well. Over time, oils, bacteria and dust eat away at wires, rendering the thermostat non-operative.

  • Stalled blower motors

Blower motors move air between the home and furnace. Without them, homeowners would never feel their heating and air conditioning. However, blower motors are prone to HVAC repairs. Sometimes the mechanism stalls or burns. Debris can catch on the motor. Pieces may come undone or clog the fan blades.

If homeowners do not feel heating and air conditioning coming from the vents, but hear the furnace working, the motors may have stopped working. Do not use the heating and air conditioning when the blower motors have stopped working. It is surefire way to waste energy. Schedule for HVAC repairs in Buena Park right away.

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The Top Causes of HVAC Repairs in Buena Park

HVAC repairs in Buena Park can get expensive, which is why it is important to understand what causes them and how to prevent them. While causes for repairs can vary from home to home, some are more common than others.

Popular reasons for HVAC repairs in Buena Park include:

  • Misusing the central air system
  • An old system
  • General wear and tear
  • Bad repairs or service
  • Overall negligence
  • Physical trauma to the system
  • Severe indoor air pollution

Typically, multiple causes create the need for repairs. For the majority of homes, general wear and buildup causes most repairs.

Buildup begins small, but once it makes its way into the central air system, it creates serious trouble.

Whenever homeowners turn on the heating, airflow sweeps particles from the home into the central air system. These particles stick to the interior of the furnace by the thousands. They collect over coils, fins, crevices, nuts, bolts, motors and more. Eventually, they harden into thick buildup, creating resistance.

The central air system needs to work harder against the buildup, so parts wear down more quickly. The furnace expends more energy to deliver the same amount of heating. In addition, indoor air quality plummets. Soon enough, homeowners need HVAC repairs in Buena Park.

How Homeowners Should Handle HVAC Repairs in Buena Park

When homeowners face HVAC repairs, have them done as soon as possible. While some people like to put them off in order to save costs, procrastination only leads to bigger problems.

Each part of the furnace depends on the other for efficient heating and air conditioning. When one part needs repair, the others endure more stress to compensate. Over time, damages spread.

Homeowners who procrastinate on repairs experience:

  • Higher repair costs
  • Inefficient heating and air conditioning
  • More damages
  • A shorter service lifespan
  • Lower indoor air quality
  • Other complications

On the other hand, when homeowners act promptly on HVAC repairs in Buena Park, they minimize the problem, reduce repair costs and protect the central air system from other costly damages.

How can homeowners know when they need HVAC repairs in Buena Park? Any unusual behaviors from the central air system points to an underlying issue. Homeowners may notice:

  • Unusual smells or odors from the vents and registers
  • Loud repetitive noises during the heating cycle
  • Changes in indoor air quality
  • Changes in the utility bill

Work with your heating specialist to determine what troubles your furnace. Prompt HVAC repairs in Buena Park will restore total service.

Homeowners Can Prevent HVAC Repairs in Buena Park from Home

The most practical way homeowners can avoid HVAC repairs in Buena Park is to cut down on potential buildup harming the central air system.

What contributes to buildup?

  • Textile fibers from carpets, curtains and furniture
  • VOCs from cleaning supplies and detergents
  • Pet dander, hair and skin cells
  • Grasses, weeds and flowers
  • Other yard waste
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Greases and oils from cooking
  • Odors and smells
  • Vapors and gasses
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Insects and fecal matter

While we may not be able to see them, the air carries all these particles through the furnace. It takes time, but eventually these particles turn into tough and stubborn buildup that causes HVAC repairs in Buena Park.

In order to help reduce the chance of repairs, homeowners must control indoor air pollution.

Homeowners can:

  • Switch heavy fabrics for hypoallergenic options
  • Change cleaning detergents to eco-friendly solutions
  • Limit pets to certain areas of the home
  • Change the filter to the stove
  • Seal the home of leaks and holes
  • Insulate the air ducts
  • Switch light bulbs and windows to energy-efficient alternatives
  • Keep the home clean
  • Ventilate the home
  • Clean the air conditioner and furnace

In addition, specialists encourage homeowners to change the air filter to the furnace on a regular basis. A clean air filter captures up to 50 percent of all airborne particles, protecting indoor air and the central air system. In addition, with a clean air filter homeowners cut down on energy spending by 15 percent.

Technicians Use Maintenance to Prevent HVAC Repairs in Buena Park

A home care regimen works great, but it does not take the place of professional attention. Specialists recommend maintenance to prevent 90 percent of all HVAC repairs in Buena Park.

Maintenance twice a year helps homeowners prevent expensive repairs and permanent damages. It also elevates indoor air quality, energy efficiency, system performance and longevity.

How does maintenance achieve so much? During HVAC maintenance, your expert:

  • Thoroughly cleans the furnace and air conditioner
  • Removes tough buildup, debris and microbiological growth
  • Cleans air filters, drip pans and condensate lines
  • Adjusts settings, attachments, connections and wires
  • Evaluates the system from top to bottom for proper performance
  • Tests that all safety switches are in place and active
  • Examines for energy efficiency and proper air measurements
  • Identifies and treats weak zones

As the furnace ages, homeowners will also need to make small changes in the way they use the central air system. Maintenance is a perfect opportunity to learn from your technician exactly how to adapt to your changing furnace.

Schedule maintenance twice a year to prevent 90 percent of all HVAC repairs in Buena Park.

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