Technician Finds Cherished Rocking Chairs In Attic

Service Champions technician Sophanna was in the attic in a Pasadena home when he noticed two beautiful rocking chairs.

“They were really well-crafted pieces,” Sophanna said. “Solid-oak.”

Sophanna said this home was particularly beautiful and that it had antique furniture through the whole house.

“So, I just thought, maybe she would want the chairs someplace downstairs in the house,” he said. “They were dusty, but they were just too nice to be in an attic.”

When Sophanna asked about the chairs being up there, the client was surprised.

“I was just thinking about those the other day! I thought I’d lost them,” she said. “I’m going to bring those down.”

But Sophanna wasn’t going to make her do that – he could bring them down for her. He got them down, took them outside, and dusted them off himself. Then he brought the homeowner out to see them.

“Wow, that’s wonderful,” The homeowner was happy to see them again.

Sophanna, great job spotting those treasures and performing another Good Deed For Free!