Homeowner Can’t Get New DVD Player Working, But Good Deed Saves The Day

Service Champions technician Leandro was performing a tune-up in Chino, and he noticed the homeowner was struggling. It seemed that every time Leandro walked by, the client was trying to get a DVD player to work with his TV.

So, before he left, Leandro asked if he what the trouble was, and could he help?

“Yeah, actually, that’d be great,” the homeowner said. He went on to explain that he had bought the DVD player two days ago. The instructions provided were pretty minimal, and he had even tried calling the manufacturer, but that went nowhere.

Leandro took a closer look at the player and TV. He noted some wires that needed switched around. The system also needed to be re-programmed to sync with the TV properly. After several minutes, he was able to get everything working together.

“Thank you very much,” the homeowner said. “You actually saved me some money because I was ready to call somebody in to help me.”

Leandro, that’s great problem-solving – thanks for stepping in and completing another Good Deed For Free!